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Organic foods

Macrobiotic food at Earth Natural Foods, London

At Earth we pride ourselves on having an extensive range of foods suitable for the Macrobiotic Diet.

Macrobiotics may be briefly summarised as an approach to food which places heavy emphasis on the consumption of whole grains, pulses, fruit and vegetables, seaweeds, and which discourages the consumption of meat and dairy products.

It has a lot in common with the traditional Japanese diet and features many Japanese food items such as soya sauce, miso, sea vegetables etc.

At Earth we stock many well-known brands of Macrobiotic foods such as Clearspring and Sanchi, and we also have a link to Terrasana in the Netherlands, from whom we import directly, which gives us access to specialist macrobiotic items not available on the British market.

Among the macrobiotic items we stock are –

Misos (including mugi, genmai, shiro, hatcho)
Tamari (including a low-salt variety)
Sea vegetables (including arame, wakame, hijiki, dulse, mekabu, ao-nori, sushi nori)
Umeboshi plums (and puree)
Daikon (pickled and dried)
Teas (including sencha, kukicha, genmaicha, hojicha, mu tea)
Noodles (including shiitake ramen, rice ramen, udon, lomein, soba)
Ume su
Brown rice vinegar
Sweet rice (mochi rice)
Tofu (many different varieties)
Rice crackers (including koban and mung crackers)
Sushi ginger
Sushi mats

If there are other macrobiotic items that interest you, please call us - we may be able to help.

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