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Organic foods

Bread at Earth Natural Foods

At Earth we sell a wide range of fresh breads, some delivered fresh daily, some on just 2 or 3 days of the week.

We stock bread from some of the best organic and craft bakeries, including

Flour Power City in London’s Docklands – delivered fresh daily.

Nature’s Bakehouse, run by Syd Aston, founder of The Celtic Bakers.

Born and Bread, whose loaves are baked in a wood-fired oven using French flour specially imported from the Loire valley to produce authentic French-style sourdough breads.

Village Bakery in rural Cumbria who specialise in wheat-free and sourdough loaves.

Pauls – all certified organic and vegan, a wide range of sourdough and artisanal breads delivered 3 times a week.

See our organic bread list for the full range.

If you want to reserve a particular bread on either a standing-order or a one-off basis just ring us on

020 7482 2211

or email us at: -