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Organic foods


At Earth Natural Foods we have a wide range of oils of which we are very proud.


All the olive oils we sell are cold pressed (‘virgin’) oils, and therefore have by definition an acidity level of less than 1%. Many are also certified organic, ie produced from olives grown to organic standards.

Ravida is one of the most distinctive olive oils produced anywhere in the world. The fact that its origin is Sicily only adds more excitement and interest. Experts have described Ravida's olive oil as tasting of freshly mown meadow hay - herbal and intensely grassy. Ravida blends three local olive varieties picked from their 300 year-old trees - Nocellara, a slightly fruity eating olive, Cerasuola, tasty and full-bodied and light green Brancolilla for distinctive color and fragrance. Unfiltered Ravida's acidity level is 0.1% - one-tenth of 1%. Ravida oil is for everything from cooking meat and fish, seasoning vegetables, salads, risotto and pasta.

Spain ships millions of tons of olive oil annually, most of it processed with industrial efficiency and specialized machinery. It only takes a few seconds for a great machine to shake an olive tree clean. It takes a surprisingly quick twenty minutes for a skilled picker to cull a trees-worth of the finest olives by hand. Núñez de Prado processes these gems daily, instead of saving them up to benefit from economies of scale. They crush, but do not press, the olives. The oil is allowed to drip into collecting vats naturally, requiring eleven kilos of olives to produce a kilo of oil, instead of the usual five. They call the proud result Flor de Aceite (Flower of the Oil). This oil weighs in at an acidity level between 0.09 and 0.17 percent, less than a fifth the threshold for extra virgin, smooth to the tongue, yet brimming with unapologetic flavour.

From the Seggiano website - ‘We produce our own extra virgin olive oil, exclusively from the olivastra seggianese olives, which are unique to the groves surrounding the village of Seggiano. The great feature of our olivastra oil, which is bottled on our farm, is its dense, creamy texture and delicate, but enduring flavour. One of the top delicato oils of Italy. Look out for our special bottling of NEW HARVEST oil in November and December, which we manage to deliver to our retailers within weeks of picking the olives. Fresh olive juice!’

We also sell the high quality range of olive oils by Emile Noel from Provence. At £8.49 for a litre bottle these represent extremely good value, and the oil comes in Mild, Fruity and Extra Fruity varieties. Also by Emile Noel is their range of ‘Terroir’ oils, from Tunisia, Spain, the Island of Lesbos, Italy and mainland Greece.

We import directly from Spain our AVAB oil from the Valencia region and are proud to offer this good quality certified organic oil at the very keen price of £3.49 for the 500ml bottle and only £5.99 for the 1 litre size.

Also exclusive to Earth in the UK is a wonderful Italian oil from Abruzzo called La Quercia, available in two sizes and a mainstay of our oil section for the last 15 years.

Other quality olive oils in our range include –
A l’Olivier


Of course we don’t just sell oil made from olives!
We have a comprehensive range of vegetable oils from a wide variety of sources, including –
Almond oil, cold pressed
*Argan oil, cold pressed
*Avocado oil, cold pressed
Brazil nut oil, cold pressed
*Cashew nut oil, cold pressed
*Coconut oil, cold pressed
*Flax oil, cold pressed (also known as Linseed oil)
Grape seed oil, refined
*Hemp oil, cold pressed
*Hazel nut oil. cold pressed
*Macadamia nut oil, cold pressed
*Pumpkin seed oil, cold pressed
*Rapeseed oil, cold pressed
*Rice bran oil, cold pressed
*Safflower oil. cold pressed
*Sesame oil, cold pressed and Fairtrade
*Sunflower oil, cold pressed
*Toasted sesame oil, cold pressed (and only 1.49 for 150ml !)
*Walnut oil, cold pressed
Wheat germ oil, cold pressed
* = organic


Many oils which are good for eating also have beneficial nutritional effects, and we sell oils which are marketed more for their health benefits than for their flavour, such as

Cool oil
Udo’s Choice oil blend from Canada
Hemp oil by Biona
Flax oil from ‘The Flax Farm’ in Sussex
Linseed oil by Rapunzel



Semi-locally sourced oil from the Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil Company/farm. All of their products are grown and produced in Yorkshire.

Come in and buy some of their great mayonnaise and rapeseed oil.

rapeseed oil